Hong kong business culture

Hong kong's business community is 'freaked out' over china's crackdown a crisis of confidence has hit foreign and local-owned companies in hong kong following the abduction of five booksellers by. Understanding business and workplace culture and etiquette is important when working as a professional in hong kong although many of the cultural facets are similar to western ones, there are a few differentiations that many expats come to determine as distinctively asian. Hong kong is a collection of over 250 islands located off the southern coast of mainland china due to its long period of british rule and highly urbanised population, hong kong is a bustling, multi-cultural hub of international business and finance.

hong kong business culture This is an excerpt from a series of iphone applications created by the international herald tribune to explain the culture and etiquette of major business centers  in hong kong, as in other.

Nevertheless, women in hong kong are aware of the difficulties they face in being a woman in the workforce for example, when surveyed, both men and women working in hong kong stated that they preferred to have a male supervisor over a woman supervisor. In hong kong, people enter a meeting in order of importance, the highest ranking person arriving first and so on the same goes for introductions receiving business cards: asian culture interprets the attention and respect you show someone's business card to be indicative of the respect you will show the individual in business. Business culture as in the rest of hong kong, the region’s business environment displays the strong influences of both britain and china the result is a corporate culture that can seem somewhat confusing, especially for the newcomer.

Foreign investors in hong kong often find themselves in the middle of a different culture and different business habits the hong kong business culture can be defined in many ways and has various particularities. Culture shock in hong kong may not be as traumatic as new expats would expect, especially if they’re from an english-speaking country hong kong is a former colony of britain and, as a result, the locals’ english proficiency is rather high. • in hong kong business culture a person’s reputation and social standing rest on the concept of “face” causing embarrassment or confrontation through loss of composure, even. Business in hong kong can be frantic and fast-paced patience and attention to detail are important attributes for successful commercial dealings though the risks of doing business in hong kong appear minimal, a solid understanding of the legislation on taxes, trading, permits and other specific features is vital.

Cnn producer david molko shows us why hong kong is one of the most efficient cities in the worldstarting from the moment you touch down at the airport. The culture of hong kong, or hongkongese culture, can best be described as a foundation that began with lingnan's cantonese culture (which is distinct to begin with) and, to a much lesser extent, non-cantonese branches of han chinese cultures. The business culture in hong kong emphasizes personal reputation therefore, reputation management is one of the most crucial success factors when establishing a business in hong kong to prevent being confronted by co-workers or proven wrong by the clients, you should always take pains.

Hong kong society has developed as a unique blend of chinese tradition and western modern technology most people who are familiar with the region know that hong kong means business. Hong kong has its own set of cultural customs and traditions, which foreigners should be mindful of hospitality, respect and generosity are generally revered, and there are practices that carry over into business and everyday life business meetings universal standards of etiquette and. Hong kong is a sar – which means a special administrative region in 1997, the uk handed hong kong over to chinaas part of the terms of the handover, the chinese government was to allow a “one country two systems” situation.

  • The hong kong philharmonic orchestra, hong kong repertory theatre, hong kong chinese orchestra, and hong kong dance company are all government-subsidized, and are far less popular there are also a hong kong dance company, city contemporary dance company, and hong kong repertory company.
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  • In china, including hong kong, the state is more imprtant than the subjects, the company is more important than the employee example: whyen you exchange business cards in hong kong (and china aand japan) always comment on the person's company, that you have heard of it or know it well, and how important the company is.

Hong kong history, language and culture history of hong kong although hong kong is largely thought of in terms of its development from the colonial era onwards, humans have settled in the area since the late stone age. Translation services in many languages are also available from major hotels' business centres hong kong society & culture the concept of face face is an intangible quality that reflects a person's reputation, dignity, and prestige you may lose face, save face, or give face to another person. Hong kong business culture slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising if you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website.

hong kong business culture This is an excerpt from a series of iphone applications created by the international herald tribune to explain the culture and etiquette of major business centers  in hong kong, as in other.
Hong kong business culture
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